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Ponged suggestion box.

2007-08-18 23:07:57 by xscoot

Anyways, as some of you may know, I am creating a game that is basically a multitude of pong variations, dubbed "Ponged". I've run out of good ideas, so now I ask the public to give suggestions. I will try to use all of the good suggestions, and if your idea(s) make it into the game you will be properly credited, co-authored if you helped that much. Thanks in advance to anyone that cares.


2007-07-22 10:30:25 by xscoot

Ponged production is moving quite fast. For anyone whom doesn't know what ponged is, it is a project of mine to create a game that holds the original pong and atleast 15 variations, such as wall pong (shown in the picture below). I have finished 6 versions so it will be released soon. Please try to care.